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Smartweb has the resources and focused expertise to provide IT services when you need it. We place great emphasis on offering reliable solutions that require minimal maintenance & offer high availability. To all of our clients, we bring 20+ years experience to the information technology community. We offer the perfect solutions for all of your IT problems and all of your IT goals. Clients often draw upon our vast experience, to choose the right mix of products, technologies & vendors that all play nicely with each other, thereby guaranteeing maximum up-time.


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With our years of experience working with businesses and organizations large to small, we know how to bring cutting edge Technology solutions to all types of businesses, at an affordable price.







Our Clients

  • Dr. Beth Virgina Blau
    Smartweb has exceeded our expectations in every way. Through the last ten years they have provided us with the latest technological systems and next generation tools, thus creating a richer learning environment in our schools. Best of all, they achieved these goals keeping the technology budget at a minimum. I would highly recommend their services to any school district.
  • Barry Leonard, COO, New York, NY
    Smartweb, our technology consultants for over 10 years have provided us with cutting edge technology at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend their services.
  • P. Leibowitz, CEO, New York, NY
    Smartweb Inc. has been our IT partner during the last 20 years and has provided excellent IT support, and response to my company. I would recommend their services.

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