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In today's fast paced business world, e-mail is one of the most effective and popular means of communication.

E-mail systems allow people to communicate instantaneously with anyone, anywhere in the world. Using e-mails you can share information and ideas, documents, pictures, files etc. with your customers and vendors as well as use it for marketing and business related services.

You can host your email on your own servers or host it on ours. Many companies use Microsoft’s Exchange Server or Lotus Notes as their in-house mail server. Microsoft Outlook on Windows and Entourage on a MAC are popular email clients.

Smartweb has extensive experience installing and maintaining E-mail servers and will guarantee a 99.9% uptime on servers we install and maintain. We realize how critical it is to be in touch with your clients and contacts and keep your e-mail system running 24/7/365.

E-mail Spam clogs e-mail systems and mailboxes which can become a nuisance, but more importantly, it results in a loss of productivity.

A typical scenario many business workers face is an inbox full of hundreds of messages from spammers, useless advertisements and promotions, dating websites and dangerous phishing emails that are trying to get your personal information for fraudulent purposes.

Smartweb recommends, installs and customizes E-mail Spam filtering systems to protect you from these unwanted intrusions.

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