Choosing Cloud Backup Solutions Wisely

An offsite backup is essential to data safety. If something bad happens to your data center, it can take out a local backup at the same time. Cloud services are a convenient and cost-effective way to back up to a remote location. To find a service that will meet your present and future needs, you just have [...]

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VDI vs Citrix: The Major Differences

Although many people get VDI and Citrix mixed up, they are actually two different concepts entirely. Here is what you need to know about VDI vs Citrix. What is VDI? VDI is an acronym that stands for "virtual desktop infrastructure," a general term that defines a discrete instance of a desktop that runs from servers and [...]

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Remote Monitoring and Management Helps You Maintain a Proactive Approach to IT Support

How does IT support get handled in your company? Do you respond to IT problems only after your employees notice there's an issue, or do you take a more proactive approach involving prevention and rapid detection? Info Security recently published an article urging companies to move away from a reactive approach to IT support. With a reactive approach, [...]

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DaaS: Is the Cloud Desktop for You?

Do your employees need the ability to access their computers from wherever they are? Then considerDesktop as a Service (DaaS) as an IT solution. With DaaS, you can use the same virtual desktop computer from anywhere. The cloud server takes care of setup, maintenance, and backup. You can access it from any kind of device: a tablet, [...]

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Disaster/Recovery Plans and Outdated Hardware

One of the most difficult parts of managing a business, is making sure to stay on top of every task. Between thinking of new ways to bring in customers, and making sure your personal network is free of viruses, it's always important to plan ahead of time. Speaking of which, have you considered a contingency plan [...]

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Cloud Backup Solutions: Do You Know Your Data?

Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of cloud-based services that allow them to run software and back up data off-site in the cloud. When it comes to generating and storing data backups, the cloud is potentially appealing for a number of reasons. High-quality cloud backup solutions offer flexibility, security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. A powerful cloud-based solution will allow [...]

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Predicting the Success of Cloud Computing in 2016: Information Technology Emerges Out of its Hiding Place

Interested in the general success of cloud computing in 2016?  The following are our predictions: The practical use of cloud computing makes it possible for the industry of information technology to ascend from out of the dungeon it, for many years, has called home.  There is a sense of springtime in the air as happier days [...]

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What Is Outsourcing and How to Do It the Right Way

What is outsourcing? And how can you implement it to your advantage? The basic definition of outsourcing is contracting certain aspects of a business to another company, usually those that are not as crucial to the management of the business as other core aspects of running the corporation. There are many potential benefits to outsourcing: It [...]

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Off-Site Hosting is Critical to Recovering from a Disaster

You probably spend most of your time worrying about the day-to-day operation of your business. You think about how to attract and retain customers; you think about how to choose and work with suppliers. You probably don't spend much time watching the weather or checking your business premises for signs of smoke. If a flood, [...]

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